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  Alex's Foreward  

I read somewhere that one way to tell if someone's really crazy, and not just acting crazy, is if they make up their own language.

This proves Daz is really crazy, because he's coming up with his own words all the time. Sometimes I bug him to explain what one means, but most of the time I just hope it'll blow over so I won't have to figure it out. Maybe he'll use a word once, or maybe he'll drive you nuts by saying it every five minutes.

The worst is when he just likes a sound, and makes up the meaning as he goes along. The first day you hear a new one like "jank," just about everything and everybody he sees is jank. It's his new all-in-one slang word. If he hasn't dropped it a few days later, or you haven't told him you're going to strangle him the next time you hear it, then jank slowly gets some kind of meaning.

Of course I understand the Pidgin words he borrows from me, but half the time he gives them some new meaning because he says, "it sounds like it should mean this." So loco-moco isn't a fried egg, hamburger, gravy and rice; it's a boiling-mad mood.

If he starts using words that already have a meaning like katakana, he ignores this little detail and expects you will, too. If you don't, he looks at you like you're an idiot.

If this isn't crazy enough for you, he also likes old-timey slang like "roscoe" for gun. That's so old, it's only in dictionaries.

The funny thing about Daz is that sometimes he's so happy when you start using one of his words, and other times he drops it if somebody else starts using it. I haven't figured out the difference. Maybe there isn't any.

There's two other things you should know about Daz. One is that he's honest, not just in the way most people say this, which is, "I'm honest until it doesn't make me look good," but Daz is honest especially when it doesn't make him look good. I admire that.

The second is, when he's blaming me for making things go crazy, you have to remember he's the one with his own language, not me.

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