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  ISL T-Shirts  

There is one way to get a free ISL T-Shirt: get a review of ISL in your school or college newspaper. Just email me the link to the review and your snail-mail address, and I'll send you an ISL T-shirt that's unavailable anywhere else.

But even better would be to make your own ISL T-Shirt; feel free to use the images on this page (right-click and save to your PC) as long as you're making a shirt for yourself and your friends and not to sell. Be creative, be adventuresome; it's what Daz and Alex are all about.

If you're strat enough to make an ISL shirt, send a jpg of your creation and I'll post it here.

You might want to work in one of Daz's expressions:

Travel is strat distraction


Jank Coffee (a fictitious brand)


booga-booga or go blind

seven-eighths to the pink



Or any other phrase you find in ISL that speaks to you.

All content and coding copyright © 2005 by Charles Hugh Smith, all rights reserved

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